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The Shoulder of Orion

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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The Shoulder of Orion

Vacation Among the Stars!

   With her boss on an extended vacation to see his nephew on Unitorium, Spaulding Recovery is officially on hiatus, and Bea’s indomitable mother decides this is the perfect opportunity for some mother-daughter bonding— and they’re going to do it in style!

   The wealthy and artistic from across the Republic have gathered aboard the five star luxury liner Astral Angel, not just for the art shows and expensive champagne, but for the lure of adventure.

   That’s right! The tourist agency has promised to take its affluent and famous guests to where no one has gone before … and with alien hunting all the rage, they get to do it from a stateroom in their hot tubs.

   But this may turn out to be more than a simple advertising ploy, and Bea thinks she’s being taken advantage of, either by the people that made the brochure, or the universe. She doesn’t know which, but now it’s up to her to pull their Hors D’oeuvres out of the fire, save the day, and get everyone home in one piece!