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Whitefield, Northern Denion

The white marble-walled city is the home of the Courts of Denion, and seat of royal authority for the kingdom. Central to Patrin’s story it is the place he first met his future shieldman, Xadik, and his first love, the Lady Lena of Brenit.

Sometime after his merging with otherworldly tech, Patrin was sent across the kingdom carrying correspondences for Galin. This served a two-fold purpose: It established Patrin as Galin’s contact among his supporters, and gave Patrin a bird’s-eye-view of the kingdom. Galin was also waiting for plans to come to fruition in Whitefield before sending Patrin to Lady Elsina, his cousin and a expert in the art of poisons.

In order to gain entry into the Palace, Patrin and Xadik were enrolled in Serin’s academy. In his role as Royal Scribe, Serin used his access to the king to facilitate Patrin’s introduction. In the process, Serin learns that Patrin is a ready learner and has a natural gift as a scribe. And years later, a despondent and depressed Patrin receives a summons from Serin to return to Whitefield and complete his education, with the intent being to replace him as Royal Scribe.