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Harmony: Original Timeline - Release!

Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Harmony: The First Four Books

MAT, and the crew of the Sadie want nothing more than to take care of their own business, but a pirate attack and an enslaved girl draws them into the conflict between Mars and Earth.

MISAKI, an engineering prodigy and former terrorist, wants honest work, but her mother’s illness sends her into a spiral that might end with the deaths of thousands.

ALEXANDRIA, the head of Apex’s mining conglomerate wants to make a better world for her surviving child, but the U.N. won’t let her.

TETSUYA, a disgraced detective unceremoniously promoted to a desk job, wants justice, but the line between right and wrong is becoming thin.

SHULTZ, the first elected governor of Mars wants what is right for his people, but greed and the machinations of an Orwellian state leader stop him at every turn.

COMPTON, an old soldier wants to ride out his days in quiet, administrative duty until retirement, but Martian terrorists won’t let him.

The Rhine
Year of the Child
A Country Among Countries
Rashomon’s War

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Rashomon’s War

Mars Cannot be Free

MAT— Enter the narrow gate …

MISAKI— A confession is best served …

ALEXANDRIA— Best laid plans …

SHULTZ— All good things …

COMPTON— The ends justify …

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The Sunday School, in Form

A Deadly Serious Guide to the Reformation of the Sunday School Class …

   The Sunday School finds its roots in education, and yet as a ministry of the local church, the bastion of learning about the God we serve, it is often forgotten.

   Where did the Sunday School come from? Why do we segregate the ages, and split families? What about Children’s Church? R.L. Dean explores these questions and more.

   Foreword by Patrick L. Burks

The Sagan Artifact - Release!

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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The Sagan Artifact

Have Spaceship–Will Travel …

   In the wake of the Modronovich Incident a new era of industry and interstellar exploration has begun. Everyone wants to find ‘them’ … the aliens … even if the cosmic trail is two-hundred and fifty years old, and finding them might be a bad idea.

   After the initial whirlwind of movie offers and government interviews, Bea has settled down to the quieter life as Spaulding Recovery Service’s simple starship pilot, enjoying her time between the sandy beaches of the Pearls, and long trips into the long dark hauling cargo or tracking down derelict ships for almighty insurance companies. That is until she gets a call from Algernon, the Asimov Institute’s synthetic consciousness. It seems the famed Institute has lost a ship, and since everyone else is hunting aliens, Bea’s the woman for the job.

   It’s good money, and her toff boss says do it … but something’s not right. Why does the Institute seem more concerned with a star outside of the Republic’s borders than they do about the lost ship and her crew? And why does the staff they send with her act like soldiers out of uniform?

Waiting for Happiness

Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Waiting for Happiness

   Seventeen years after the suicide of a schoolmate, two women have a chance encounter at her grave. What follows is an exploration of life in a small town. As their story unfolds, we learn that though their circumstances are very similar, they themselves are not. Yejin, a devout Christian from an early age, takes care of her sick mother and younger sister. While Seoyoung, a product of her time, contends with a broken father. Following their last year in high school we are pulled along as they navigate their individual hardships, their dreams, and the despair that comes with growing up in a place of dead ends.

At Amaazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LD2CQ11

At Amaazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077BVF5HT